Do You FEAR Social Media?

In the spirit of this scary season of Halloween holidays – let’s focus on fears. What is holding your firm back in modern trends of social networking? What is behind these fears, and what are you doing to change them?

In collaboration with my favorite branding & marketing expert Josh Miles, we pose questions you should be asking yourself. (Check out more information at: MILES DESIGN)

FEARS in Social Media: What is plaguing your firm?

Q1: What is the most challenging “fear” of social media that your firm has worked through? How did you overcome that fear?

Q2: Why is the idea of marketing in “real-time” via social media so scary for professional services firms? What is behind that fear?

Q3: Which common fear holds your firm back from a great social presence: the fear negativity, change, or focusing on the wrong things?

Q4: Have you ever received negative feedback from a client or prospect regarding social media activity by you or your firm? Are you afraid you will?

Let’s explore these scary situations, face some fears – and collaborate to change.

Following our tweetchat, check back for more information about these common fears!

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Communications and marketing background, adding a special flair to the Social Media revolution. Building better business in social space through the "SoMeffect" - Social Media Effect blog and business. Specialist in engaging communities online with professional services, for the A/E/C design and business industries. Business Development Manager and aficionado for all things marketing, Cougs, travel, coffee, music and wine. Social Media Buff @SoMeffect. Marketing @Trindera. Proud Coug @WSUPullman. Christian Philanthropist. Travel, Music, Coffee & Wine Aficionado. @MASpokane Board. @Spokane Community Activist. "Building Better Business in Social Space" SoMeffect = Social Media Effect

One Response to Do You FEAR Social Media?

  1. I was thinking yesterday – Professional Services firms and Consulting firms have a lot in common, in that we fear loosing control of conversations around our brands.

    For the founders or us non digital natives, its hard to switch from push messaging, owning our brand and telling our clients what our brand is. Slowly we’re learning to accept that brands are now formed by what the world is saying about us, not how we define our Logo and strap-lines.

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