The Tweet Life: 10+ Twitter Tools You Need

Ahhhhh, The Tweet Life. If you are participating on Twitter, aren’t you interested to know more about your tweet success? I recently wrote a piece about Feeling Twitter-pated or Twitter-hated? to help people find their ‘twitter flair.’  However, that article didn’t focus on the tools and tricks that can help you maximize your efforts on twitter.

So what can you do to evaluate your tweets? See who is following you (and more importantly unfollowing you)? Make tweets easier? Time your tweets? And more….?

These tasks seem daunting – YET – there are many applications out there to easily track & trend your tweet success! Monitoring, measuring and maximizing your tweet life will pay off.

The Tweet Life: 10+ Twitter Tools You Need

  1. DASHBOARD:  Most of us know about Tweetdeck and Hootsuite applications – a must have if you are on Twitter! Depending on your preferences, either platform is beneficial. These ‘social media dashboards’ allow you to list, query, add columns and integrate multiple accounts (and add other social utilities).
  2. AMPLIFY:  Find how far your tweet amplifies using Tweetreach. Search for a url, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag – to show how many users you reached, for the last 50 tweets on your topic.
  3. TIMING:  Time your tweets (you can even participate when you are offline). Simply use applications like Twittimer, which allow for scheduled tweets, anytime.
  4. MEASURE:  Grade your tweet profile with TweetGrader. With this tool you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded.
  5. COMMUNITY:  Create a twitter club, using tools like Twubs to follow the conversation. This application allows you to search on a hashtag for what is trending, and who is involved.
  6. MONITOR:  Evaluate who is UNfollowing you with WhoUnfollowedMe or FriendorFollow. You can investigate who unfollowed you recently as well as other Twitter users that are not following you back. Or use Qwitter to receive an email message when someone unfollows you!
  7. TREND:  Search tweets in real time using TweetGrid. Using up to 10 topics at a time, you can create a grid of the trending topics you search.
  8. GROW:  Add to your follower base by using WeFollow or JustTweetIt. Simply use a keyword to find Twitter users following the same topics, and list yourself too.
  9. LOCALIZE:  Find local tweeps with the tool NearbyTweets. Search who is nearby, and tweeting about the same topics as you.
  10. PURGE:  Get rid of Twitter users you are following, that aren’t active, using Twitoria. Check how long it has been since other users last tweeted.

The best part? These applications are all free! Using these Twitter tools will enhance your presence on Twitter. Most take only minutes to master, and will maximize “The Tweet Life” you are living.

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4 Responses to The Tweet Life: 10+ Twitter Tools You Need

  1. Hi Taryn, great list! It is unbelievable how many tools there are and I see several in your list that I need to check out.

    If I could add one more to the list, I must say that Buffer ( has been my favorite new tool for easily sending articles from any browser (or smartphone) to a customized tweet schedule. It is definitely worth a look if you’ve never tried it.

    Keep up the awesome posts… and Happy almost Friday!


    • someffect says:

      YES – Krista, I love Buffer! That is a great tool (should have made the list). I have learned about many more from comments on my blog, and Social Media Today article…. I might have to issue a second edition of this post!

      Happy day to you, thanks for the compliment! We should collaborate soon? :)

  2. Larissa says:

    I felt that I should leave a quick note with acknowledgment and thanks: I came across this helpful post today and used one of the tools myself (Twitoria). Then just a few minutes ago someone else asked about that kind of tool and I was able to share with them, giving your name and the link to this article, of course. So, thank you very much! :)

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