A ‘twitter-master’ silenced. Mourning my social media friend, Imad.

Shocked. The feeling I had when I learned of the passing of my Social Media friend, someone I admired and conversed with daily. I called it my quest to become a ‘twitter-master’ like him.

Imad Naffa was a revolutionary presence in not only social media, but what we call the ‘AEC’ community (architecture/engineering/construction). He was brilliant with content, a master of efficiency, an innovator with technology….and a friend. Yes, a social media friend.

When I direct messaged him on Twitter today¬† (12:23PST) asking “Friend….are you alive??” – I thought it was a joking way to reach out to Imad. Since he was the most responsive and amicable person, I wondered why I hadn’t heard from him….

I first encountered Imad on a ‘best of twitter’ list, and immediately we connected. I posted about these twitter greats being my idols – out of the four, Imad was receptive, thankful and always willing to help! It was a great pairing, for both social media trends and our AEC industry interests.

You will be missed, Imad. Your impact was widespread, and your influence was cutting-edge. I am sorry to hear of your passing and prayers for the Lord to bring you to His kingdom, and for healing of your friends & family still with us. I will miss your coaching and support!

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6 Responses to A ‘twitter-master’ silenced. Mourning my social media friend, Imad.

  1. He was such a huge impact on my life for the last two years, I felt like I knew him “in real life.” It was so shocking to casually scroll through my feed on Facebook and see the post by TEDxDeadSea.

    He has been an invaluable encouragement for me to pursue social media for our general contracting firm in times when I thought I should throw in the towel.

    • someffect says:

      What nice comments Bridget! Agreed, Imad impacted so many, and was such an innovator. It was shocking to say the least, to learn of his passing in a twitterfeed. I am sure Loretta and all the family sincerely appreciate your kind words! Many prayers for all of Imad’s loved ones.

  2. Loretta Naffa says:

    Thank you for the beautiful words about Imad. He was an awesome husband and father. He was the love of my life. I will always be grateful for his friend’s outpouring of love. ~ Loretta Naffa

    • someffect says:

      Loretta – it means SO much that you have taken the time to write me amidst your grief. I am sure the outpouring of support is immense right now. Imad was an innovator, influencer and incredible inspiration to many! I am sure he was lucky to have you as the love of HIS life. :) He spoke often of your family vacations and family time. I am happy you are getting support. Whatever Imad’s “social media” friends can do for you….just ask. The least I can do is send prayers for all of you. God bless, dear heart.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I only knew Imad for a short period of time, but he was such a resource and generous person. Very receptive and responsive, as you said. I definitely considered him one of my role models for social media engagement in general and in the AEC community. He will be missed.

    • someffect says:

      I concur, completely. Thank you for your thoughts Jonathan. I think that whether you knew Imad for a few days….or a few years….he was one of those people that made a big (and immediate) impact on your life. He is surely missed, it is weird without him! Blessings.

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