Featured (Top) Posts: Social Media Today!!!!

It has been exciting sharing my Social Media know-how with the team at Social Media Today!

Being published with “the world’s best thinkers on social media” is an honor! Check out my postings & SUCCESS! Cheers.

As of 9|8|11, current articles, views & shares:

The Tweet Life: 10+ Twitter Tools You Need (Over 2,500 views  |  550+ shares)

Let’s Get Social: 3 Big Reasons Your Company Should (Over 2,500 reads  |  670+ shares)

The Social Media ‘Cool Club’ – What’s Your Online Influence? (Over 1,100 views  |  300 shares)

What’s in a Name? 7 Social Media Tips (via Shakespeare) (Over 1,530 reads  |  400+ shares)

Top 10 Tips: Target Your Niche in Social Media (Over 1,300 reads  |  340+ shares)

Twitter-pated or Twitter-hated? 4 Ways to Find Your Twitter Flair (Over 1,900 reads  |  400+ shares)

How To: Make Your Facebook Fierce (Over 1,600 reads  |  270+ shares)

Starting in Social Media? The 5 P’s of a Perfect Program (Over 1,800 reads  |  250+ shares)

About someffect
Communications and marketing background, adding a special flair to the Social Media revolution. Building better business in social space through the "SoMeffect" - Social Media Effect blog and business. Specialist in engaging communities online with professional services, for the A/E/C design and business industries. Business Development Manager and aficionado for all things marketing, Cougs, travel, coffee, music and wine. Social Media Buff @SoMeffect. Marketing @Trindera. Proud Coug @WSUPullman. Christian Philanthropist. Travel, Music, Coffee & Wine Aficionado. @MASpokane Board. @Spokane Community Activist. "Building Better Business in Social Space" SoMeffect = Social Media Effect

2 Responses to Featured (Top) Posts: Social Media Today!!!!

  1. You have great posts on Social Media Today, Taryn.

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